Our mission is to bring quality and value to our clients with
our services and competitive rates.

About Us

SFS (Samtustha facilities services) was established in 2009
We are one of the most recognized and talked about operations management firm,
this is due to our outstanding customer service and quality of work.
Many of our clients come from referrals, due to the excellent service
we provide to fulfill theirevolving demands.

We have great bunch of employees who are friendly, trustworthy, and reliable.
Experience, Competence, Knowledgeable, Quality and Risk Management are the five elements that we embeded our employees with.
We are here to make our life simple, make your facility sparkle and outperform by offering talented staff to fulfill your customer
service, compliance, validation and technical needs.

Why Us

SFS is a people-oriented and quality-driven company, putting great value on relationships.
Our people are our valued asset:providing quality and vitality of our services.
As a renowned leader among diverse sectors, we continue to expand
our services to cater to our current and future clentele. Our consulting staff is composed,
expienced professionals with diverse educational disciplines.
Our products and services enable consistent grouwth. We are specializing in the areas of validation,
Quality and compliance on an international scale.

Reliability and integrity are the corner stones of our services and this structure is serving our customers
excellently for severalyears now. It is our constant endeavor at SFS to provide quality service for
"Customer Delight". All projects, regardless of size are given the same detailed attention and quality management.
We are committed to providing all of our clients with top-quality industry solutions
that are timely and cost-effective for each individual organization.

Our Services

Technical Services

SFS provides the services in Electrical, Plumbing, Carpentry and
other fields with good handyman at the best quality.

SFS is a young servce provider offering a unique service to our valuable clients
from which they can get complete property maintenance solution in a single roof by
developing the reputation as qualified, timely and trusted service provides.

We will quickly generate market penetration and develop a slid foundation of our
clients and offer a best maintenance solution by the expert technician.

  • Well trained Technician
  • A Hassle free service
  • Giving 100% satisfactory work.
  • Work completion in time with High Priority
  • Electrician
  • STP Operations
  • Plumber
  • A/C Technician
  • DG Operators
  • Lift Operators
  • Carpenter

Horticulture & Pest Control

Watering on regular basis. Water outlets at regular intervals and water at adequate pressure needs to provided by you.
Puring and cutting of shrubs and hedges to give a good look.

Insecticide and pesticide as required to be determined by supervisor.Specialised in Cleanign High-rise Buildings,
Facade cleaning of Cradle systems and spider man kit. Trained man power.

Many species of spiders are household pests.Wherever their food is available, spiders are likely to be found. All spiders are predators,
feeding mainly on insects and other small arthropods. Favourite hiding places are in seldom used clothing hanging in dark closets,
in boxes of magazines, papers and other stored items, on the underside of furniture, in cracks and spaces around baseboards,
around windows anddoor facing, and in dark cellars and garages. Cockroaches are the most common invaders and
can be found anywhere. Be it homes, offices, hotels, restaurants, hospitals, factories. stc. They are highly adaptable
to any environment and can even survive a nuclear holocaust. Not only do they comtaminate foods and utencils but readliy
spread disease causing organismleading to dysentery, diarroea, food posioning and asthma.

Outsourcing Support Services

Our proven cost-effective, time-saving strategies are trusted by clients throughout the Globe,
Whether they're new to outsourcing, looking to change providers,
relocating their customer services or starting up a business.
We don't have a 'typical' partner type-the organizations we work with range hugely in size,
sector and seasonal requirements.We always meet the highest standards of service.

  • Inter office Mail Distribution
  • Office Support Services
  • Audio/Visual Services
  • Secretarial & Clerical Services
  • Job Pick-up and delivery
  • Key-Operators
  • Office Supplies
  • Servies Call Desks
  • Switcheboard/Reception
  • Front Office Executives
  • Helpdesk Executive
  • Data Entry Operators
  • Drivers & Office Peon
  • Pantry Staff and Supplies
  • Store Services
  • Photocopy and fax Services
  • Document Management Services
  • Mail and Distribution Services
  • Courier and Message Services

Facility Soft Services

SFS provides unequaled capability and expertise in the facility services sector across INDIA.
We were founded more than 8 years ago and have operational units in the facility services
industry that are more than 15 years old.
Our broad knowledge and competencies in integrated facility services will contribute to thesuccess of your business.
Our excellent services delivery distinguishes us from other facility services providers.
We offer innovative cleaning techniques, best-in-class capabilities and unrivaled experience.
you will enjoy clean, healthy and welcoming work and leisure environment everyday.

  • Housekeeping services.
  • Kitchen stewarding services
  • Facade glass cleaning.
  • Marble cleaning & crystallization services
  • Food & beverage services
  • Underfround debris clearance services
  • Overhead & underground tanks cleaning
  • Catering services



Our management team guides our company in our quest to achieve our goals, and make SFS a great place to work.
Their decades of domestic and international exprience in the industry helps us out perorm
our competitors and to remain as the industry leader.

Mission & Vision

Our mission is to bring quality and value to our clients with our services and competitive rates.
As an organization that is establised on flexibility and adaptability,
we strive to maintain that focus while incorporating new talent and products to meet
the changing needs of our clients.

SFS is committed to excellence as well as quality at the same time.
We have been and will continue to be rendering quality services to various named companies in India.

Contact Us

# 2-56/33/16/8, First Floor, Sai Nagar,
Madhapur, Hyderabad - 500 081
Phone: 040-65555389
Email: info@samtustha.in

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